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Medical Records

For the transfer of medical records to/from our office, please complete a signed release of medical records and deliver/fax it to our office. We do our best to process this request within 14 business days. We generally do not charge for this service if we mail these records directly to the requesting clinic or community agency. If you request the records for your own personal files, we charge $0.25 per page.

We can complete most forms. In order for us to complete your forms, your child must have had a physical examination within the past 12 months. If your child is overdue, an appointment may be scheduled.

Please bring any forms that you need to be filled out with you to your scheduled appointment.

At each annual physical exam, we will provide you with a generic form that will be free of charge which you can use for proof of physical exam. Please make a copy of this form for future use. Alternatively, we can complete your specific forms at the time of the physical without charge. If you require us to complete a physical exam form at a different time than your physical, we will charge a fee.

We will provide you with an immunization card at your first newborn visit free of charge if you did not receive one at the hospital. We can also provide you with a record that is printed on paper (rather than a card) based on the information we have in our computerized registry.